Good internet sources

good internet sources

Scientific papers are the best source of information on the internet. These papers use rigorous experimental and statistical methods that. Good Googling: Finding Credible Sources on the Internet. Sample Class Outline. • Why do you like to do research on the internet? • What's on. Find credible sources using tools that are designed to find the types of Some experts publish great information on the Internet, but there's a lot of bad Here, we'll discuss some great resources that will help you find good information. good internet sources Statistics US Census Bureau Statistics in the US, arranged topically Education, Business, Agriculture, etc. Does currency of information matter with your particular topic? How does the sponsorship impact the perspective of the information? Does the information contain the breadth and depth needed? Sign Up for a Research Consultation. Chemistry PubChem Contains academic chemistry information; managed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. A Little of Everything, Need to Sort Pearltrees. In other words, look at the links that are used by the web developer of your site. For instance, scientific studies often allow the clear identification of cause and effect because only one factor is different at a time, so that the effect of that single factor can be determined. I already read various articles on some poker sites and watched random youtube videos but I never know if these informations actually come from really good poker players. Do you believe everything you read?

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Good internet sources Keep in jetzt spielen schmetterling kyodai that even gute wettanbieter websites should only be one of many sources of information. You might also contact a medical researcher you know or are able to find using the internet and ask for their help in understanding what the article means. This doesn't always help, but it may provide an indication of the sponsor. These sites are a great way to check whether that email claiming to be donating to a sick child or offering strange advice is a fake. For instance, you can ask for the paper on twitter using the hashtag icanhazpdfask for it on friendfeedemail the author all three of these methods ultimately result in u19 em qualifikation person e-mailing the paper to one other person, thus not violating copyright of the paper asking them for it respectfully, or go to the nearest university library. Google Get Things Done: You are here Home. Read Wikipedia's Conflict of Interest page to understand this issue. Crime National Criminal Justice Reference Services A database of articles about issues pertaining to the justice system, including court cases, crime prevention, drugs.
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How to evaluate internet sources However, there are a few guidelines that can help you to separate the informative from the misleading. Is the information well-organized including a table of contents, index, menu, and other easy-to-follow tools for navigation? When was the page originally posted? Another way for student help check this. I think you should play . Here are three popular examples: Some commonly used databases are JSTOR and EBSCO Host. Start by examining the page itself. Alternatively, you may be able to email the lead author of the study directly. Searches GEORGE , the Georgetown University Library catalog, for books, ebooks, journals not articles , and multimedia. Is the information quick to access? A database of articles about issues pertaining to the justice system, including court cases, crime prevention, drugs, etc. As you explore information on the web, keep in mind that there are many different types of information from research data to opinions. A few websites are addressing the issue of misleading information. Go Camping 22 hours ago — Jamie Carter. Consider the currency and timeliness of the information. Easy-to-read guides and videos; not as technical as other medical search engines; managed by the National Institutes of Health. You can also ask experts on twitter or other social media websites your questions. Can you find more information about it?

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What's the purpose of the information resource: Kevin McCluney is a postdoctoral research associate in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, also receiving his PhD in biology from this institution in It is often difficult to determine authorship of Web sources, and even if the author is listed, he or she may not always represent him or herself honestly, or he or she may represent opinions as fact. What institution company, government, university, etc. Advertise Special Ad Sections SA Custom Media.

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